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Culin and Colella is an established high-quality custom woodworking company.  They design and craft fine cabinetry and furniture, as well as entire rooms outfitted with architectural woodwork.  

They specialize in making everything from kitchens and libraries, foyers and family rooms, bars and media centers, to vanities, heirloom furniture and liturgical work.   

Their trademark is their ability to interpret the customer’s wishes and deliver breathtaking results.  From the design process to the material selection; the fabrication methods to the finishing techniques, and the excellent installers, the Culin and Colella team pays close attention to the execution of every last detail.


Culin and Colella’s work is distinguished by the combined talents of Ray Culin, and Janis Colella.  They work together to achieve imaginative design solutions, high standards of detailing and craftsmanship, unique wood finishes, and innovative installation techniques.

Ultimately, the customer benefits from the blend of two very different points of view.

Their passion and determination has produced a reputation for excellence in all aspects of their work. 

Culin and Colella’s work can be found in elegant homes and churches in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Westchester County, New York, New York City, New Jersey, South Carolina and Florida.

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