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Company Profile: Culin & Colella


Company Profile | Ray Culin | Janis Colella


Ray Culin and Janis Colella have merged their expertise in Art and Architecture, Furniture Design and Woodworking, and Efficiency and Technology.   They deliver exquisite wood rooms and furniture, which will become the heirlooms of tomorrow.   The demand for their product and service exists thanks to a discerning customer who wants the finest in woodworking quality and experience. 

The Process
Janis Colella does most of all the initial creating and designing, drawing by hand.  When the customer is pleased with the final design, it then goes to Ray Culin for further development and engineering, in Autocad. During this collaboration there are improvements and changes made, which is when many of the fine and tricky details are worked out.  After a final submittal is approved, the work then goes into production.

The Team
Together with Ray and Janis, the team is the key to achieving quality results. They are trained to work in various capacities; from millworkers cutting on the CNC, and preparing lumber for joinery; to cabinetmakers assembling the final parts. High standards are kept throughout the process.  Once the construction is complete, the work moves into the finishing department, for even closer scrutiny.

The Finishers
The Finishers have many years experience doing traditional methods of finishing; from French Polish to Antique Restoration.  Today they incorporate the latest in finishing materials, chosen for their appearance, efficiency and durability. They have apprentices who sand and prep the work under their supervision, completing the process with excellence and beauty.
The finishes are created by Janis Colella, and range from a variety of wood stain colors and lacquer coatings; to crackle finishes, polyurethane for countertops, and much, much more.

The Installers
When the installations are small, they are done by the in-house team, however when they are large or out of state, they are handled with an excellent sub-contractor, who has had a long affiliation with the company for many years.  This is the talented installer you wish for on your project!


living room
living room
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